Bosu Sport 50 Cm Balance Trainer

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The BOSU Sport Balance Trainer for Travel is a smaller version of the Home Balance Trainer.

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A scaled-down version of the Home Balance Trainer is the BOSU® Sport Balance Trainer for travel. When working on balance, strength, or flexibility training, it gives the same advantages as the Home Balance Trainer and also provides an excellent cardio workout. With six non-slip feet, the BOSU® Sport Balance Trainer is made to withstand regular home gym use. It may serve as your child's first balance trainer thanks to its small size, and if you want to work out outside or travel, it's perfect for those situations.


TOTAL BODY WORKOUT: Accomplish a total body workout and develop muscular endurance with this non-slip travel-size balance trainer

UNIQUE SHAPE: Features a flat side for a stable base and a dome side for balance challenges

STRESS-FREE ROUTINES: Convenient 6 rubberized feet prevent slipping and sliding so you can focus on your form

L 54cm
W 10cm
H 60cm

LATEX-FREE: Crafted out of latex-free, burst-resistant material for long-lasting use

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