• Bosu Ballast Ball 65cm
  • Bosu Ballast Ball 65cm

Bosu Ballast Ball 65cm

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The BOSU Home Balance Trainer is the perfect choice for working on balance, strength and flexibility training, as well as delivering a killer cardio workout that's fun. The BOSU Home Balance Trainer challenges the entire body with integrated, multi-joint movements requiring muscle groups to simultaneously work together.

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The BOSU® Home Balance Trainer is designed for the casual home user. Ideal for basic balance training, core workouts, cardio or full-body workouts. It is designed with six non-slip feet and meant to withstand normal everyday home-usage. Wallchart& 2 downloadable BOSU® workouts.

There is no other ball in the gym like the BOSU® Ballast® Ball. This ball's surface is six-sided for precise alignment and positioning. Additionally, it features 2.5 lbs. of multi-dimensional load (ballast) to prevent it from straying as you exercise. With the BOSU® Ballast® Ball, lifting, moving, and shaking workouts provide a pleasant, visual effect and auditory feedback. Individuals can carry out dynamic exercises and exercise progressions with the BOSU® Ballast® Ball that are not achievable with a standard exercise ball. Use it as a multidimensional load, slam ball, or exercise ball.



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