BigFit home gym equipment Consistency is key

BigFit home gym equipment Consistency is key

Muhammed Ali, the greatest heavyweight boxer said, "I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion." Ali proved that one has to be consistent and focused in their fitness journey.

It is easy to be inspired but tough to walk in the footsteps of a legend. On some days, it may not be possible for you to visit a gym or indulge in activities such as running, cycling, or playing a game of tennis or golf due to logistic reasons or shortage of time, but on such occasions, one can fall back on the home gym. Regular travellers may not find the time, but they can carry resistance bands and skipping ropes in the suitcase.

Did you know you can now design your home gym to meet your fitness needs? Yes, you can! Whether it is about lifting more weight or being an active mother or a better golfer, the fitness revolution is now about functional training or quality of movement as a means to improve performance in every sphere of life.

In your home gym, you can now stay fit with tools specifically designed to improve:

Mobility: Especially if you are a beginner you can design a mobility kit comprising a Yoga mat, foam rollers, and TRX to help you achieve a broader range of motion and freedom of movement.

Stability: Stability balls, Resistance Bands and ViPR are ideal tools to improve core strength and stability. Good stability goes a long way in injury prevention.

Cardiovascular capacity: Stationary bikes or Rower are some of the best solutions for low-impact aerobic exercises. They help burn calories and build stamina.

Strength & Endurance: Loaded movement with ViPR, Slam Balls, Medicine balls and Kettlebells for long high rep sets build farmer-like endurance. For bodyweight strength training, the TRX provides 900 plus movements in any setting ranging from your bedroom to a park.

Sports-specific movements: Some of the equipment required to encourage basic movements like rotation, swinging, catching, hitting, cutting, pivoting, and turning, are TRX RIP Trainer, resistance bands, ankle/wrist - weights, balance discs, and ViPRs

Rehabilitation and recovery: The home gym can also have TriggerPoint Foam rollers, massage guns, massage balls and grid sticks. Vibrating foam rollers and massage balls are also great options.

Home gyms offer consistent intensive workouts extremely important to see results of weight loss or achieve that toned body. You can thank your home gym to help you stay fit and energetic.