BigFit home gym equipment! For a new experience of fitness

BigFit home gym equipment! For a new experience of fitness

During the pandemic regular gym-goers had to explore alternatives to stay fit whether it was lifting weights, skipping ropes or taking brisk walks or jogging. Hence, the concept of home gyms came up and gradually rose to become a trend! Social media too encouraged the fad and was flooded with pictures and videos of celebrities working out on terraces and backyards which further cajoled fitness enthusiasts to pick it up.

Today our country is almost free of Coronavirus, but there is a large majority of people that is still preferring to exercise in their home gym although there are some who have started visiting gyms even if it is to tone up. The advantages of a home gym are many as post-pandemic people have become very conscious of their health and aware of places which are breeding grounds for infection. Gyms and fitness centres are considered to be so and people are visiting them with caution and a generous use of sanitizers and face masks.

Infamously, environmental aggressors such as pollution and smoke has made it impossible to exercise outdoors and we end up ticking those days as ‘skip training’ on the calendar. Whether you are a runner or cyclist or gym enthusiast, again home gyms come to the rescue. Also, there is no rush to visit your home gym. It is always there and you can exercise when you think fit. Therefore, it is only right for people to exercise in the comfort of their homes where they have all the controls in their hands.

The first query on your mind will thus be about finding the right home gym equipment and where it can be bought from. Since your home gym should ideally have personalized equipment, it would be a good idea to start with the basics and gradually add on as you make progress. Remember useful equipment is smart, space efficient and one that enhances overall fitness:

  • Yoga mat: A cushioned yoga mat is a must for floor exercises such as push-ups, plank whether your home gym is on the terrace or in the back garden.
  • Stability ball: These big-sized stability balls work your abs since they challenge your balance.
  • Suspension trainers: TRX Suspension Training (TM) is a complete gym experience that makes use of your own body weight.
  • Kettlebells: Available from 4 kgs to 40 kgs, Kettlebells help you build fat burning metabolism, gain strength, mobility, and increase cardio endurance.
  • ViPR™: Known to be an evolution of dumbbells, a set of ViPR exercises make you move in 3D while handling progressive load from 2 kgs to 20 kgs. They help you build full circle fitness with improved balance, stability, strength and endurance across a range of motion.

This list has only a few pieces of equipment, but for a detailed inventory of home gym equipment visit BigFit, an e-commerce portal exclusively for home gym equipment. We feature international brands at the best rate. So, make an informed choice and check out the complete range today!