• TRX RIP Trainer
  • TRX RIP Trainer
  • TRX RIP Trainer
  • TRX RIP Trainer

Trx Rip Trainer

Rs. 27,000

The TRX RIP Trainer is a great tool for anyone looking to up their fitness game. It comes with a door anchor, medium resistance cord, and safety strap so you can be sure you're staying safe while getting in a great workout. Plus, it comes with a free trial to TRX Training Club?so you can get the most out of your purchase.

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Train and strengthen core muscles like never before with the TRX Rip Trainer. This simple but powerful device is a weighted bar and resistance bungee duo for your home gym that lets you move in all directions to work abs, obliques, backs, and hips. It's perfect for athletes and non-athletes alike, helping to generate rotational power and build strong, lean muscles. Plus, it only weighs a few pounds and can be used anywhere.

  • Rip Trainer weighted bar + bungee resistance duo trains your abs, obliques, hips, and core plus allover rotational strength and stability
  • Bungee resistance builds serious strength
  • Stay-put industrial-strength carabiner
  • Safety strap for security
  • Durable, grippy rubber handles
  • Two-piece weighted bar stows easily
  • Comes with Medium bungee resistance
  • Bungee resistance available in Lite, Heavy, X-Heavy, and XX-Heavy

Comes with everything you need to work out anywhere-at home or outdoors.

  • TRX RIP Trainer
  • Door Anchor
  • Medium Resistance Cord
  • Safety strap
  • Free trial to TRX Training Club®

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